What You Do First Thing In the Morning Has an Effect on Your Productivity |  5 Things to Do to Improve Your Morning Routine

What You Do First Thing In the Morning Has an Effect on Your Productivity | 5 Things to Do to Improve Your Morning Routine

Do you feel like your productivity is lacking? Are you struggling to figure out how you can become more productive?

Productive people accomplish more tasks, make more money and are generally happier individuals. So how can you become more productive? While there are lots of ways depending on your life, job, and daily routine, one secret culprit is a universal game changer to productivity: Your Morning Routine.

You mean before you go to work? Right when you wake up? Yes, you read that right. What you do first thing in the morning has a profound effect on your productivity. The first tasks you complete each day set the tone for your overall productivity until it’s time to go to sleep again.

So how can you improve your morning routine? What are the best tasks to complete and why?

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to start off your day with a boost of productivity:

Wake up early
We’re not saying you can’t be successful if you don’t wake up early, but it’s basically common sense that if you wake up earlier, you’ll get more done in your day. Plus, some of the most successful people in the world are early-risers and we’d say that’s no coincidence. But what if you’re tired? Go to bed earlier. The term “early bird gets the worm” applies in full here. Get your butt out of bed and you will be more productive all day.

Complete your toughest task first
That task you were dreading when you fell asleep last night? Get it done first thing when you start working in the morning. Getting your most challenging task out of the way will free your mind (and your to-do list) to get more done throughout the day without that one daunting task looming over your head.

Drink a cold glass of water
First thing when you wake up, drink a big glass of cold water. Yes, before coffee! Cold water will wake your body up and start your day hydrated. Proper hydration has been tied to improved digestion, mental clarity, and increased energy, all of which affect your productivity!

Hide your phone
Ok, don’t actually hide it because you’ll likely need it at some point during your workday. But, be intentional about when you check your phone and make sure it is work-related while you’re at work. Especially in the morning, staying off your phone (namely social media) will increase focus and thus productivity.

Lights on!
When your alarm goes off, get the lights on! Especially in the winter months, bright lights and proper natural light will get your body awake and increase productivity in your day and especially your morning.

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