Our Story | Digitaljob

Our Story | Digitaljob

The Story of the Global JOBalization

A digital journey for all by Digitaljob


Imagine a world where everybody is happy and healthy; where everybody has access to minimum public services and where human rights are respected; imagine a world without hunger and with a clean and sustainable environment.


Until now we thought that by redistributing the wealth acquired by developed countries we will succeed in achieving this goal. AND WE FAILED.

Let’s think about how things are going in Africa, India or other poverty affected regions of the world. We can build as many public services as we want, we can build hospitals and roads, we can give free medicine and deliver drinkable water and clothes to the poor. This is not the answer.

An old proverb says “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Our story is about lending everyone the fishing rod. Not the fish, but the rod.

People need jobs that would bring about further development, rather than just ensuring the day to day basic needs. People need a society to bring added value to and which would value them back. People need to learn how to effectively communicate, rather than hiding.

How could we transcend the economic, cultural, social and religion gaps?

EDUCATION IS THE ANSWER! Providing people with high-quality education means a better life for them. In order to get to a better life, having a job is a necessity.

We are now almost 5 billion people between 16 and 65 years old. One needs $34,000 per year to be in the first 1% of world “elite”. Imagine a world where 5 billion people have half of this minimum income as long as they are properly educated and have the required skills to get a job in this new world.

For the developed countries, technological advancements make life easier. For the developing countries though, the same technological advancements can be life-saving.

Our dream is to help improve the quality and access to education, as we really want to bridge the digital divide.

Nowadays, digital skills are highly valued. In the future, digital skills will be vital. There are strong voices saying that in a few years’ time, access to the Internet is going to be considered as important as access to water or electricity.

Digital technology is all about human empowerment. We are designing technology as for it to conform to people, as for the people to be in control of their own fate. We need to use the power of technology to improve our world.


We believe that in the future everybody will become digital citizens in order to LEARN, WORK and LIVE a happy life.

Our mission at Digitaljob is to provide everybody with the skills, the opportunities, the instruments and space – all in one place.

Everybody is looking at and after the MILLENIALS, the generation who embraces the new technology and way of life, and hopes that this one will have a major contribution to the future. But only the millennials who are living in developed countries have that real possibility to work, fight and dream of this; and they are only a small part of the big picture. 25% of the young people between 15 and 24 years old are unemployed and more than 50% of them work for less than $2,500 per year. Moreover, the BOOMERS are starting to fight with them because they lose jobs due to technology and globalization.

Our aim is to provide everyone with at least the minimum standard of digital literacy as for us to ensure that not only we help you find a suitable job through our job board, but also support you through your continuous development and be an important tool to expand your horizons, knowledge areas and networking.

70% of all jobs already require at least moderate levels of digital skills. We are facing a challenge to up-skill and re-skill our current workforce and modernize education to ensure that people are employable and equipped for the future.

More than 80% of business leaders expect their organization to be a digital business in the next three years. And if they are to realize the benefits they anticipate from being digital, the readiness of their workforce must become a priority. The list of digital roles and functions is extensive and growing.

Let us prepare you for that! Let us wash away the fear of being replaced with robots, machines, artificial intelligence. We will have to control and manipulate the A.I. for our own interests and in order for us to be able to do so, we will need to be digitally fit.

Recruiting, managing, retaining, tracking and training should be totally changed in order to sustain a proper future for both parts.

Over the course of time, humans have been an important resource for companies and even throughout history we have had dark times dealing with this concept. Lately, human resources represent one of the most important concepts for companies, especially for the ones working in technology, research and internet. HUMANS ARE PARTNERS! NOT RESOURCES.

Companies should change dramatically the way they deal with this strategy to achieve their mission, vision and objective for the next 20 years. Recruiting, managing, retaining, tracking and training should be totally changed to sustain a proper future for both parts.

Mobility has become a key factor of importance when thinking about a potential career path or when selecting the most suitable employer. And when we say “mobility” we don’t mean the traditional expatriate placements, but moving jobs where talented people are and seizing the opportunities to boost up knowledge, skills and expertise through the use of hyper-connectivity.

Skilled employees’ relocation to the main cities of the world such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, London,  Amsterdam, Berlin and more, creates a huge negative impact on living standards by increasing the cost of rents and other services, the mobility is dropping and the environment is hurting.

There is one worrying forecast stating that by 2030 the jobs demand will exceed the jobs supply by more than 100%. We will face a Global Workforce Crisis that would mainly consist out of the labour shortage, the skills mismatch and the cultural challenges. The solution to this crisis would include a better supply/demand forecast, attracting, educating, upskilling and retaining people.

Therefore, we need to diminish the labour supply by upskilling people and increasing the plus value that they bring to society.

Through Digitaljob, we aim to create what we call Global JOBalization and get to the point where anyone, no matter their gender, age, location or race, has the opportunity to work for any company in the world.

We need to build more tools through our digital technology in order to educate everybody even to a minimum digital skills standard, to manage remote teams all over the world and to change the way companies and employees work, interact and perceive each other.

We wish to offer people a communication system in which the difference in languages and cultures has little impact. We want to make time zones and locations irrelevant.

We want to analyze data in order to be able to offer predictability in terms of tomorrow’s necessary skills, instruments and education level. We aim to offer regional training centres and offline communication places – co-working, education and living spaces.

By offering technology which serves your specific goals and purposes, we are aiming to graduate to a larger role in our life – that of a reliable partner to support you!

We want to work hard to gain your trust and even harder to keep it and enhance it with every interaction. We will put the power in your hands and we think this is the best way to do it!


Could we help everyone prosper while working together? Can this world be designed now, without waiting for the future to take place?

We want to become more than just a simple job board and offer you a new range of possibilities.

We strongly believe that the more people you have in one place, the easier it is for knowledge to be spread and shared. Collaboration is the catalyst for digital transformation.  This is one of our most important motivations to create a sustainable community through Digitaljob.

Why? Because we think this is the way people can “future proof” themselves and boost their careers. Learnability, which depicts the desire and the ability to develop skills that make somebody employable for the long-term, is a key point in ensuring one’s success in the world of tomorrow.

Digitaljob will give you the opportunity to stay in contact with your network day by day, week by week and communicate with it; you will give feedback and comments to your employees and you will see how everybody is evolving. Staying in touch with the network will provide you, as a company, with the real access to the real experts that you desire. Forever and ever.

Furthermore, you will recruit not only the best employees but also the best teams of experts who can bring in the value desired by your company.

You will be able to connect and communicate through a real social network for digital professionals and we will give you the chance to have the value that you are interested in by managing your company with proper employees as PARTNERS.

Companies can better support and inspire the people working for them.

First show you really care about your employees; only then they will start to really care about your company. Caring gives work meaning and helps people love their jobs.

By creating a new type of resume, people will have the possibility to send out the real and powerful message regarding their skills and achievements. “Modesty is for fools”. People should be proud of all their results and failures. Failure becomes a stupid thing only if you do not learn anything out of it. Honesty is a value that everybody should fight for.

Be honest about your skills and your market value because we will check it up by using the blockchain of your network.

Search for the job you love to do, not just for the one you can do. You will always feel most passionate about the gifts and skills that you love using.

We want to support your preparation for the future. Start investing in yourself and in your beliefs, passions and in everything that matters to you! Ensuring the safety net of your career can be easily achieved by building your reputation as a specialist in your area of expertise.

Start with small online courses and get a job. Advance through life and learn more and more. When it comes to money and capabilities, the higher you want to be in your job and life, the higher the demands for education will be, as well.


Together is better today.

Together will be even better tomorrow.

Digitaljob Team


Experienced Social Media Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in International Affairs, Intercultural Communication and News Writing.