Internet & Mobile World 2018  Highlights

Internet & Mobile World 2018 Highlights

This year, we chose to GO BIG and became Registration Partners for IMWorld. And we so loved it! It was a next level experience.

What’s Internet & Mobile World in a nutshell? An international event focused on the tech industry. Over 140 business tech exhibitors, tons of innovation conferences with local and international speakers, more than 9000 tech-savvy visitors who like to be challenged and to challenge the attending brands with brainy questions and ideas. From laser rooms, cool auto simulators, remote co-working spaces, hi-tech devices, innovative tech solutions for everyday life, to insightful presentations and debates on global tech innovation – this year’s edition had it all! Anyone who’s someone in digital was here. And we’re happy to say that Digitaljob was the right fit for hundreds of digital geeks who helped us shape a memorable experience.

For all the participants: we’re excited to have met you and so looking forward to seeing you again soon.  For all the non-attendees: IMWold is a really great way to find out how the tech industry is shifting and to connect with awesome digital people, so don’t miss out on the next edition!

Little tip: pay attention to our contests. You could actually experience events like this with no fee. 😎

All you need is an active user account on Digitaljob and to follow us on Facebook. We’ll take care of the rest.


So, here’s what happened on October 3rd and 4th in Bucharest, at Romexpo.

Our booth was a buzzing, crowd magnet

How did we do it? By focusing all our attention on the visitors and designing a useful and fun interaction, by helping the participants really shine through Digitaljob.

We’ve seen so many techy booths that caught our attention. It’s been an amazing experience to discover them all and to stand out among them. Here’s what happened at our own booth. We held professional CV photo sessions in a colorful, unconventional setting. We helped the audience explore the Digitaljob platform features and understand why it’s the best “digital career engine” on the market. We set the grounds for many strategic partnerships. We smiled and made cool friends. Two days in a row. We aimed to connect with both brands and professionals, and we did! Our digital community has increased with over 30% by the end of the event. Special thanks to all the digital geeks that helped us grow by registering on Digitaljob and giving us useful optimization feedback for our online platform.

Teo rocked the digital stage with his speech

Teo, our Digital Sales Director, is a relentless digital geek who puts his stubbornness to work by coming up with mind-blowing tactics and strategies. He’s in the “future business”, every day. He makes us sooo proud!

His presentation was actually a daring journey, he shared the story of  Digital JOBalization and focused on useful career and HR trends. From digital transformation stats, talent discovery challenges and solutions to inspiration for a happier and healthier life through digital means.

What else? Oh, the live debate! Teo talked about The Future of Software Development. And he was everywhere on Facebook. You can watch the digital trends live streaming here. See Teo in action starting  2:23:00! 🤓

The Digitaljob spotlight didn’t stop there!  Sorina, our super driven Marketing Manager, was asked to give a spontaneous press interview. She highlighted how Digitaljob works for both hiring companies and digital candidates, and how the platform saves valuable resources through innovative algorithms. Little nervous, but more excited, she totally caught the press’s attention with her passion.

What we loved about IMWorld 2018

We got “our hands dirty” with the whole digital transformation concept, having the chance to play with tens of state-of-the-art tech solutions. We dived in the digital community, we were amazed and inspired! We connected with hot new startups and talked about the challenges we all encounter when launching a digital business. We made lots of digital friends and initiated promising partnerships.
All in all, we had a fun experience that helped us grow and our hard work was rewarded with the ultimate motivation: our audience’s overwhelmingly positive feedback about Digitaljob.

Can’t wait for our next event. See you all soon!

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