How to shape your career in Digital Marketing

How to shape your career in Digital Marketing

Does the question “Could I be the right person for digital marketing?” pop into your mind? Do you want to find out whether digital marketing is the right career option for you or how to become a great digital marketer? Think at it this way – the average internet browser sees links, graphics, and information. A digital marketing person sees the people behind all this data. Does it sound like you? You’re on the right track! 🙂

Brands are focusing on digital marketing more than ever. They constantly increase their budgets, the salaries they offer and the number of jobs they open. Why should you choose to have a career in digital marketing?
There is a thing called the “digital skills gap” coming from the prediction that by 2020 there will be 150.000 digital jobs with not enough professionals to fill them. That means that as a digital marketing person, you’re hot property!

About you

A student at the point of starting a digital career?
A sales and/or marketing professional who was into traditional marketing and now wants to upgrade to digital?
An IT professional who wants to apply technical skills and knowledge in marketing?
Or an entrepreneur with a business that needs to conquer the digital world?
Close enough? 😛
Either way, you might need some guidance in finding or strengthening your career path.

What can you do to grow your skills?

If you feel you’re not that technologically aware or advanced as your current level should be, there are lots of ways to acquire digital marketing training to grow your skills and knowledge. And, you’re in luck, most the tools are free.

Enhance your skills through digital marketing tools

First of all, there are some tools digital marketers use to scale their efforts, create campaigns that educate people, and turn their engagement into something more measurable, like solid results. Keep in mind that in the digital marketing field everything constantly changes and so are the tools that professionals use. We’ve made a list of 24 must have digital marketing tools in 2018 that you should know about.

Exploit the great collection of online courses for free

It’s amazing how much you can learn for free. Take a look at the list below. You got it made! 😀

It’s a great online learning platform that offers courses, specializations, and degrees, many of them being free. Every course on Coursera is taught by top trainers from the world’s best universities. Browse through these Digital Marketing courses that Coursera has to offer and decide what fits you best. However, you also have the possibility to choose the paid option, which will grant you a certificate or specialization at the end of the course.

Although not as popular as Coursera, it is also a good way to enhance your digital marketing skills. As for certificates, it’s the same story. You need a certificate, you pay a fee. But if you need proof of course completion, you can download your Learners Record PDF format for free from your account. Skim the list here.

Here’s another one. edX is a massive open online course provider, with online university-level courses, also with courses at no charge. Take a look at the digital marketing courses and don’t get discouraged by the smaller number of possibilities. You might find exactly what you need.

Unlike the ones above, this one shares knowledge through content from online content creators, meaning any user can create a course. Udemy is not an accredited institution and it doesn’t include certificates. Lots of these courses come with a fee, but you can also find some pretty useful courses that are free. Browse the list here.

Facebook Blueprint
This is a global training and certification program about marketing on Facebook and Instagram. It’s an eLearning platform that offers you a series of free, self-paced online courses. You can find here lots of courses, insights, tips and tricks, and great stories. Besides, Facebook offers two certifications for advertising proficiency called Blueprint Certifications – in planning and buying. The exams are pretty rigorous since they are designed to test for advanced proficiency in advertising on Facebook. You can learn about developing strategy, tracking and reporting, measuring performance, and troubleshooting. Due to their rigorosity, they are highly respected in the digital marketing industry and they also demand money and time. Read more about this subject here.

Google Academy for Ads
This is how you can grow your AdWords know-how. Google offers AdWords courses that give people the knowledge they need in promoting businesses online and set up successful campaigns. Moreover, this interactive training website covers lots of other topics. It may be a great source of inspiration and development for your digital skills.

Hottest jobs in Digital Marketing

Now, this is what you are aiming for! 😎 Here are the most demanded jobs in digital marketing nowadays.

Content Manager & Strategist
You will take on a key role for any agency or digital marketing team – it’s more than just writing and managing social media activities. You need to be more than a great writer – you should create amazing content that works with multiple channels. Are you ready to lead a chameleon life? It never gets boring 🙂
Keywords – create SEO friendly content, as well as organize it, store it, and manage it.
Responsibilities – social media strategy, managing teams of writers, developing editorial calendars, creating engaging videos, reporting, and strategizing with analytics.

SEO/SEM Specialist
You will play an important part in creating digital marketing campaigns, you should be able to combine your solid technical knowledge with your digital marketing expertise. Yes, you will make things happen and always be learning!
Keywords – SEO, SEM.
Responsibilities – stay up to date with the fluctuations of search engine algorithms, keep businesses up to date and bring a consistently high ROI.

Email Marketing Specialist
You will be part of something essential – building successful email marketing campaigns. Using social media is like standing in the rain, and opening the inbox is like opening an umbrella. You help users create their safety zone and actually be in full control of the information they receive. Work hard on placing your reader in the risk-free zone with every email they receive.
Keywords – writing and editing, campaigns, PR activities.
Responsibilities – write persuasively, lead campaigns, launch campaigns, take care of PR activities, work with extensive databases, and understand how your reader thinks.

Digital Marketing Manager
This can take years of experience, but it’s so worth it! Beyond great digital marketing know-how, you need to know how to lead teams and trigger fast, long-term results.
Keywords – strategic planning, execution, financial forecasting.
Responsibilities – delegate while managing risks and tough decisions.

For all the positions above, you should have at least some basic experience in the marketing world. It could be either from a previous job, internship or project, either from any hands-on involvement with campaign creation, analytics or optimization.

Still not sure which path to choose?

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Let’s do this, go big in digital! We’ve got your back 😉

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