How to Get Your Team to Really Focus on Their Work | 5 Tips from the Top

How to Get Your Team to Really Focus on Their Work | 5 Tips from the Top

With the holiday season in full swing, focusing at work can be harder than ever. Especially if you’re managing a team and trying to keep the productivity train from completely derailing until the New Year. While these tips and tricks are important all year round, the holiday season is a great time to revisit how you can help your team to really focus on their work. Bonus for you? Increased productivity and (hopefully) a happier workforce.

Struggling to keep your team on task? Worried they might lose focus soon? Check out these tips for How to Get Your Team to Really Focus on Their Work:

Get buy-in
It’s important that all of your team members are bought into the work you’re doing or the project at hand. Understand your team members personal motivators and tie connections to the project at hand. Helping team members understand why the project or work should be important to them will increase buy-in and make team members more focused and productive.

Protect your team from distractions
Where you work, when you work and the entirety of the environment surrounding your team will play a role in their ability to focus. As the leader, control the controllables, set frequent deadlines and check-ins to keep work on tasks and eliminate any distractions that are taking away from focus and productivity.

Part of team buy-in, focus, and productivity is listening to your team members when they have ideas. Giving your team members a voice on the work at the head will play a role in focus and productivity. Make their ideas feel important and give them merit when appropriate.

Set clear expectations
Part of focus comes from feeling like you are completing a task correctly and effectively. Setting clear expectations will give team members something clear to work for. Focus will come from understanding the task at hand, the desired end product and wanting to achieve those things.

Make their value known
Similar to buy-in, team members must understand their value to the team, the work their doing and the company as a whole. Providing context and value for the work at hand will increase focus and productivity.


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