Hottest jobs of the moment in Digital | #whydigitaljob

Hottest jobs of the moment in Digital | #whydigitaljob

Time to glaze that account, digitals. The digital age is here, and trial jobs from a few years ago are now crucial. The mixed strength of globalization and tech are intensifying the rhythm at which new, promising jobs are becoming available.

We identified 10 most important and in-demand jobs in digital for the next period —or at least until the next wave of innovation comes crashing down.

Chief Experience Officer
Category: Executive management
Fast fact: By 2020, 40% of chief digital officers will report to CXOs, according to IDC.
Skills needed: Mastery of design thinking and a solid foundation in computer science, creative and executive management

Developing both professional and soft skills is eminent in order to understand the evolution of the market in the connected age. Managing the full experience of a team and trying to guide your consumers to have a strong partnership with brands also requires a strong focus on individuals and the ability to identify how a brand can enrich or add meaningful value.

Starting points: Account Manager, Digital Account Manager, Senior Account ManagerQA Team Leader

VR Editor
Category: Content production
Fast fact: 1,400 jobs listed on LinkedIn
Skills needed: Expertise in object-oriented programming, project management and video arts; ability in software products like Adobe Creative Cloud and Unity3D

Virtual reality (VR), or 360-degree video, is an unexplored medium that doesn’t benefit from the well-established workflows of traditional video. VR has been trying to break into the mainstream for decades, but technology is now powerful enough that consumers can have a truly immersive experience with just a smartphone.

The ones who have a strong opportunity to contribute to the development of VR and 360-degree video are Directors, creatives, editors and visual effects artists.

Starting pointsArt Director, Graphic designer, DTP Specialist, Web DesignerSenior Graphic Designer3D ARTIST for AAA Video GamesSenior Graphic DesignerUI/UX Graphic DesignerSenior Art Director, Art Director

Bot Developer
Category: Cross-enterprise technology
Fast fact: Bots or virtual assistants will command 20% of user interactions with smartphones by 2019, according to Gartner.
Skills needed: Undergraduate degree in computer science; knowledge of linguistics, interactive language arts, programming, design, engineering, natural language processing and ethics.

Global spending on cognitive AI is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 54% and will reach $46 billion in 2020, according to a recent IDC study. So if you’re looking for a new career path, chatty bots are a niche that’s rich with opportunity.

Starting pointsSoftware EngineerSolutions Engineer

Social Media Guru
Category: Social Media, Marketing
Fast fact: More than 5,000 openings listed on job sites
Skills needed: Marketing background and a foundation in communications

The Social Media Market is a fast-growing and seemingly all-encompassing field. In 2017, 81% of U.S. Americans had a social media profile, representing a five percent growth compared to the previous year. According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media users reached 1.96 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.5 billion by 2018.

These being said, there’s no doubt that social media channels will be everywhere. The virtual world is becoming the real one. A Social Media Expert will increase your website traffic, build conversions, raise brand awareness, create a brand identity, improve communication and interaction with key audiences.

Starting pointsCopywriterDigital Account ManagerAccount Manager

Mixed-Reality Designer
Category: Content production
Fast fact: Estimated $3 billion on market by 2024, per Grand View Research
Skills needed: Post-graduate degree in graphic design or computer animation; familiarity with Unity3D, cognitive and social psychology, user experience design and storytelling

The emerging world of mixed reality (MR) is best served by individuals who are passionate about emerging technologies and curious about mediums beyond virtual or augmented reality.

If you have a passion for telling stories and generate images with computers, then you’re in the right place. This market requires a strong background and passion for both design and technology.

Starting pointsArt Director, Graphic designer, DTP Specialist, Web DesignerSenior Graphic Designer3D ARTIST for AAA Video GamesSenior Graphic DesignerUI/UX Graphic DesignerSenior Art Director, Art Director

Data Scientist
Category: Cross-enterprise technology
Fast fact: $203 billion industry by 2020, per IDC
Skills needed: Undergraduate or post-graduate degree in computer science; strong grasp of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data optimization

There is a dramatic shortage of talent in data science: By next year, U.S. businesses will require at least 181,000 people with deep analytical skills and nearly 1 million additional professionals to manage and interpret the deluge of data, according to IDC. Deep analytics require the use of sophisticated data processing techniques and usually involves complex queries on unstructured data sets to yield insights in near real time.

Software Developer
Category: Programming
Fast fact: Too many available jobs to be count
Skills needed: Expertise in programming, machine-learning algorithms and statistics

The world is being rebuilt in code. That is why computer programming is one of the fastest growing occupations currently.

We live in an increasingly algorithmic world. Because of that, programming has a vital importance in the current world. As technology continues to extend its reach and reshape the workforce, it will be important to oversee.

Starting pointsJunior/Mid Full-Stack Web Developer.NET Software DeveloperPHP / Web Developer, Magento Back-end DeveloperNode.js/Back-end DeveloperReact Native DeveloperFront-End DeveloperProactive Web DeveloperMid-Level Swift DeveloperPHP DeveloperInformation Security OfficerFull Stack DeveloperFront-End DeveloperSenior Back-End/Laravel DeveloperJavaScript Developer

Omnichannel Retail Strategist
Category: Retail
Fast fact: E-commerce sales will surpass $500 billion by 2020, according to Forrester Research
Skills needed: Post-graduate study in psychology, neuroscience and critical thinking; familiarity with data analytics, marketing strategy, project management, user experience design and rapid prototyping

With around 400 open jobs featuring “omnichannel marketing” in the title, the role of the omnichannel retail strategist is a relatively nascent one for now but will be in high demand in the years to come.

A career in omnichannel marketing also requires a deep appreciation for all elements of the business, and many organizations are bringing consultants and strategists together to collaborate on holistic solutions for next-generation retail.

Voice Skills Developer
Category: Communications planning
Fast fact: There are 15,000 Amazon Alexa skills
Skills needed: Undergraduate degree in computer science or linguistics; experience with JavaScript, Python and deploying projects for Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana

Get ready, folks: Voice AI is about to explode. As the interface becomes faster, more connected and allows for greater detail and personalization.

Already equipped with a broad set of capabilities, voice-enabled assistants are now deepening their strengths in key areas of interest. As a result, voice skills developers need to create something that has utility with clear objectives and answers to various commands.

Hologram Retail Display Designer
Category: Retail
Fast fact: Augmented reality will be a $100 billion industry by 2020, per ABI Research.
Skills needed: Undergraduate or post-graduate degree in computer science or 3-D design

Fans of The Matrix may soon be able to experience a real-life version of the movie’s simulated reality in their local shopping centre. Industry experts say that holograms, which consist of 3-D virtual renderings of real-world objects, could prove useful in retail settings because they allow stores to showcase products without carrying the actual inventory.

Professionals in the emerging field of holographic retail design will have the opportunity to redefine the art of storytelling and focus on more immersive ways to represent a product or service. Computer science and design skills are necessary, but creativity is of utmost importance.

We wish you success now, and if those jobs are not exactly what you are looking for, you will certainly find others to suit you better, right here on Good luck! 🙂

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