Have you heard of Google algorithm update?

Have you heard of Google algorithm update?

If you noticed changes in your Google organic search traffic or rankings, then you need to know that there are rumors about a serious Google algorithm update.

It seems like a large search algorithm update will be launched around Sunday, June 25. Asked about the speculation around a Google update, John Mueller said, “We make updates all the time.”

Even if no one has confirmed it (despite John Mueller’s classical reply), based on automated tracking tools from Mozcast, SERPMetrics, Algoroo, Advanced Web Rankings, Accuranker, RankRanger and SEMRush, among other tools, it seems there was a real Google algorithm update.

To convince you, take a look at these screenshots of the popular tracking tools from above:

Also check these random tweets from industry SEOs:

Even if it wasn’t officially confirmed, we suggest you check your analytics and rankings. Maybe you’ll have a surprise!

Source: searchengineland.com

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