9 Premier Methods to Create an Award Winning Web Design

9 Premier Methods to Create an Award Winning Web Design

Author: Andy Williams

Bio: Andy is a pro PHP web designer and passionate content writer. Andy currently works as a Web Designer for small business and e-commerce web designs.

A quality and visually satisfying web design can certainly hold a ton of advantage online. Websites that have a quality web design accompanied by clean internal coding are known to have a great performance and impact search engines in a favorable way. Read below the 9 premier methods to create an award winning web design instantly.

9 Premier Methods for an Award Winning Web Design 

Code Syntax Selection.

Depending on the size of a web project, the suitable syntax can be found. HTML and PHP are the 2 top syntaxes used for web design projects. HTML is a highly optimizable choice which is used for smaller web projects. PHP is a syntax known for its dynamic use. With PHP, a company can create hundreds and hundreds of web pages. PHP is also known for its ability to become compatible with many different databases as well as frameworks. WordPress is a popular option as a blogging platform. WordPress is known for its large theme gallery which has many different web design layouts. The syntax choice is one of the first and most important decisions that will lead to an award winning web design.

Our Choice: PHP is our choice as the top syntax which can create dynamic, large, and award winning designs.

Layout Options.

The base layout of the web design is one of the most important things to focus on. The one-page design, multi-page web design, and split screen web design are all popular options when selecting a layout base. After this selection, move on to designing the actual elements inside the website. Photoshop is the best way to create a website pre layout sketch before starting the design process.

Our Choice: The one-page web design may have some optimization flaws, but in terms of design, the one-page web design has the most room for design creativity.

Color Scheme Choice.

Color is known to make web visitors feel a certain way upon landing on the website. Known for generating feelings, color choices all have different meanings. A company should always select a suitable color choice to set the correct tone of a website in relation to its business category. Color psychology does exist, and advanced web designers all the trick to creating a well-toned web design.

Our Choice: White, Light Blue, Light Gray, Tones of Black and Vibrant Green are great color selections that can work for almost any business category.

Mobile Friendly Upgrade.

Millions of active mobile device users around the globe browse the web on a daily basis with their mobile devices. Web design has transformed over the years, but with the large use of mobile devices in the recent years, web design has had an even bigger change. SEO ranks can be impacted drastically if a web design is not suitable for mobile users. Satisfying mobile design visitors is a big requirement that needs to be fulfilled.

What are top 3 ways to transform a standard fixed design to a mobile friendly design?

1- Responsive. Create a fully responsive layout and always add the viewport tag.

2-Creative Design. Design for the mobile user and conduct a browser analysis to ensure that the design looks good and works well on mobile devices.

3-Speedy Performance. Remove extra heavy on page elements ( sidebars, widgets) that may decrease the performance of a website.

Sprinkle Social Media Buttons.

Image result for display the top social media buttons

Display the top social media buttons on the footer section of the website. This is a great practice to guarantee that these social media buttons will appear at the bottom of each web page.

How to increase your social media follow?

1-Post engaging content.

2-Connect with other industry related individuals.

3-Plan out a detailed social media posting schedule. 

Internal Code Check.

An award winning web design needs to have top of the line coding. Conduct an internal code check to ensure that code is 100% error free. For CSS, use compression methods if needed. Code that is error free will always perform much better and impact SEO ranks positively.

Quick Tip: A w3c validator is a free tool online which is used to check website code for errors and specifically show how to fix those certain errors.

Performance, SEO, and Speed Test.

A grade A web design needs to have a grade A SEO Score and Performance grade. What is the best way to instantly boost web design load speed and performance?

Implementing a cache control code in the ht access file will instantly guarantee to a higher performing and faster loading website.

UI/SVG Web Animations.

Image result for UI/SVG Web Animations.

Web animations are known to be very popular due to their ability to increase web visitor interaction on the page. UI/SVG animations look amazing and receive great feedback in terms of design.

What is the main focus that a UI animation should have? 

Telling a story which is very short and easy to understand for a first time visitor.

Increase Space + Font Size.

Web design is only getting bigger and better! The more space a website has, the more focus it draws into the center of the layout and the easier it is for a first-time web visitor to understand what a website is about. An increased font size will make it easy for users on all devices to read text on a page.

Font Design Tip: Google fonts provide hundreds of free fancy font designs to use on a page. Add up to 2 max google fonts on a page.

The internet is used by billions of people around the world and certainly has big judgment when it comes to design. A web design can influence a web visitor to stay on the page or leave instantly. A creative and well-performing web design has its advantages online. Use the 9 premier methods listed above to instantly create an award winning web design.

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