7 Tips to Improve Your Productivity For Your Business

7 Tips to Improve Your Productivity For Your Business

If productivity is the name of the game, then the name of our game is productivity. Digitaljob is ALL about efficiency, productivity and providing you with digital talent that takes your team to the next level, productively. There are so many upsides to hiring remote talent but one that always remains at the top of our list is increased productivity of your workforce.

So, in the name of productivity, we offer you 7 Tips to Improve Your Productivity For Your Business:

  • Track and limit how much time you’re spending on tasks not directly related to your job.

DIGITALJOB TIP: If you are a project lead, manager or other position in command and you find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of time on tasks not directly related to managing the group, consider delegating tasks elsewhere, such as: hiring a remote worker to add to your team from Digitaljob to offload some of your work and leave time for you to effectively manage your team.

  • Take regular breaks.

DIGITALJOB TIP: DId you know that taking regular breaks will actually make you MORE productive? Yes, you read that right. Small breaks every couple of hours allows you to clear your mind and return to the task at hand with a fresh, more productive perspective.

  • Quit multitasking.

Are you the boss and think you should handle it all to make your business run more productively? Think again. Multitasking is proven to reduce overall productivity.
DIGITALJOB TIP: Instead of multitasking, focus on the component of your job that you are most skilled at and outsource the rest of your work. Whether this means outsourcing to your team internally or looking for outside talent on Digitaljob, where you can hire remote workers for hundreds of jobs including software development, marketing, social media, UX design and so much more.

  • Hold standing meetings.

DIGITALJOB TIP: Holding standing meetings allows everyone on your team to get up and move which increases blood flow to the brain and thus, productivity.

  • Say no to meetings.

DIGITALJOB TIP: wait…no meetings? Yep, you heard that right. The best part about adding remote workers from Digitaljob to your team is just that: they’re remote. Therefore, the majority of your communication will take place online over email, instant messaging, Slack and other channels.

  • Be proactive, not reactive.

DIGITALJOB TIP: Most companies and business managers wait to outsource work until their team is inundated and unable to complete tasks in a timely matter. Don’t wait to hire remote workers to offset your team’s workload. The best part is that you can hire part-time, on a contract basis so that you’re not locked into a full-time employee; just a Digitaljob remote worker to ease the work on your team.

  • Minimize interruptions.

DIGITALJOB TIP: One of the biggest interruptions in an office workplace is just that: the office itself. The fact that you are working next to and around your co-workers creates constant opportunities for interruptions. With Digitaljob remote workers, your digital talent works remote and only contacts you when you’re needed. Not only are you adding talent to your team, but you’re minimizing office interruptions in the process.


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