4 Tips to Identify the Best Digitaljob Candidates

4 Tips to Identify the Best Digitaljob Candidates

Ready to boost your digital recruiting? No time like the present! Although the Digitaljob User Matching System matches you with the right candidates for your job openings, you will still have to make the final hiring decisions. Here are some tips and tricks to help you manage all your great hire options.


  • Does the Candidate User Profile match what you are looking for in a remote worker?
  • Do you like what the candidate chose to highlight? Are these skills and characteristics valuable to you?


  • Interview your shortlisted prospects, be sure to understand their skills, limitations and mindsets.
  • Analyze the candidate portfolios to determine if previous work experience reflects the ability to perform your job.
  • Be open about your needs: set clear expectations, milestone check-ins, and desired deliverables.


  • What is the Digitaljob User profile Level?
  • Have you checked the Digitaljob matching percentage in your candidate list?


  • Before “sealing the deal” it is critical to evaluate your final candidate’s communication skills. Without flawless communication remote working can be difficult at times, so get to know your future talent!
  • Make sure to communicate with your potential hire in writing, by phone and, ideally, in a quick video conference.

Picking out the best talent is no stroll in the park. These recruiting tips can make a big difference. Remember! Our unique User Matching System does all the tough groundwork for you by highlighting the relevant candidates from our wide digital talent pool.

Can’t wait to hear all about your amazing recruiting experiences on Digitaljob! Now go get the best talent out there before your competitors do! We’re here for you every step of the way.


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